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  • The Isolator: Realization of Absolute Solitude

    Alternative: 絶対ナル孤独者≪アイソレータ≫ ; The Isolator
  • Author(s): Kawahara Reki
  • Genres : Sci fi -  Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 5.96 K
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The Isolator: Realization of Absolute Solitude summary:

August 2019, scientists received extraterrestrial signals warning them of the catastrophes that will hit Earth.Following it, various extraterrestrial life forms come into contact with the human species. People who are affected by these energies, called the Third Eye, develop mysterious powers. Some are able to move at the speed of sound, others possess a sword that is capable of even cutting steel, or those who are able to tear absolutely everything apart with their teeth.We follow the daily life of Utsugi Minoru, a discreet 17-year-old teenager who obtained the ability he has always desired, the Solitude (code name lsolator), and Yumiko, a member of an organization that monitors these new superhumans.However. the prowess given by Absolute Solitude results in endless battles for Minoru...

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